Xenos Client OrdersEdit




Japanese Name Objective Rewards Unlocked By

Killing Time on Naberius

暇つぶしにナベリウスへ Defeat 20 Naberius Native enemies
  • 100 Meseta
  • 150 EXP
B-3 Matter Board
???? 火山洞窟、行ってみるか? S Rank clear mission with ONLY Xeno
  • 150 Meseta
  • 2500 EXP
Clearing Kartagot Extermination

Echo's Client OrdersEdit



Name Japanese Name Objective Rewards Unlocked By

Looking for Trifles

些細な探し もの Play a mission with Rockbears and acquire Echo's Rod
  • Echo's Partner Card
  • 200 Meseta
  • 1500 EXP
Secret Request ナイショの依頼 S Rank Clear the Nab Rappy Capture Mission while ONLY inviting Echo into your party.
  • 100 Meseta
  • 1500 EXP
Restrained Spirit 枷なりの意地

S Rank clear Armored Machine Investigation mission with ONLY Echo.

???? ????
Aspire to Mag Breeding!


Give an item to a mag.
  • 1000 EXP
  • Dimate x2
Koffee’s Mag License


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